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We are dedicated to helping your children succeed.



Hi my name is Julie! My husband and I opened Air-Bound in 2001 and I have been coaching gymnastics for 27+ years. I have had a love and interest for gymnastics, fitness, athletics and how the body works since I was a young child. I love seeing & helping my students reach their goals and progress on their Athletic journey. I especially love coaching children. I coach the optional program at Air-Bound. When I’m not at Air-Bound I’m busy with my 3 kids, sharing my love for fitness with a client, fitness modeling, training and racing as an OCR elite athlete or trying to find a new epic adventure to undertake.

You may have seen me on TV on Labron James’ “Million Dollar Mile” on CBS. 
I can’t wait to share my love for gymnastics with your child. 



Hi my name is Brianna, but everyone calls me bb! I’m currently a gymnast on the USU gymnastics team and I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was 2 years old.  I’m a Sophomore at USU majoring in Kinesology. Some of my favorite things to do are shopping, swimming and playing with my cat! I love gymnastics so much and I’m so excited to work at Air-Bound!



Hi! My name is Angel and I’m from Chicago, IL! I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was 3 years old and I’m currently on the gymnastics team at Utah State. I’m going into my junior year and I am majoring in public relations with a minor in business. Outside of the gym I love to hang out with my friends and play with my puppy! I’m so excited to be a part of Air-Bound and to be able to share my love for the sport!

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More coming soon!



Hello my name is Sam! Air-Bound has always been home to me. I grew up a gymnast since the age of 2 at Air-Bound and started coaching in 2015. Outside of the gym I have my BS in Human Development and Family studies with a minor in yoga. I feel it is important to have a positive learning environment. I aspire to create a fun, loving, and successful environment for my students. I am married to another Sam so that makes life fun and confusing! I love to do anything outside. You’ll find me hiking, backpacking, cliff jumping etc.



Hi! My name is Sage. I grew up in Idaho doing gymnastics starting at the age of 3. I stopped after competing level 10 and went on to cheer at Utah State. There I met Big Blue who later became my husband, Bronson. We are both very active and love to work out, be outside, and tumble together! Gymnastics taught me a lot of life lessons to make me who I am today. I hope to teach other gymnasts how to work hard, be persistent, and feel excited in reaching their goals. I strive to form a fun and welcoming environment where everyone feels confident in themselves and part of a team!



Hi, my name is Angelina! I did gymnastics for 13 years, and have been coaching for about 5 years now! I am from Massachusetts but have been living in the valley for about 2 years. I recently graduated from USU with a major in psychology, and am currently working on obtaining my NASM personal training certification. Some of my favorite things (besides gymnastics) include powerlifting, bodybuilding, as well as participating and teaching yoga! (:



Hi my name is Amari and I’m from Texas! I’ve been doing gymnastics for 15 years and I am currently on the Utah State Gymnastics team. I’ve been coaching gymnastics since I was 16 and absolutely adore kids. I am a sophomore at USU and am studying business management. When I’m not doing gymnastics, I love to read and color. I am so beyond excited to work at Air-Bound and help my students grow in all aspects of life!



My name is Abby! I am currently a senior at  Ridgeline High School. I did competitive gymnastics at this very gym for 6 years and loved every second of it! I love coaching gymnastics and seeing all my students progress and fall in love with the sport. When I am not coaching I like to be outdoors, go hiking, running, paddle boarding, and hangout with friends!



Hi! My name is Mia, my name is pronounced “mya” I am 18 years old and I absolutely LOVE gymnastics and I started doing gymnastics at Air-Bound when I was 2 years old and started competing when I was 6 and did competitive gymnastics until I was 16.   I spent a few years of my childhood in Hawai’i and did rec gymnastics there and loved that as well! I adore coaching gymnastics and teaching all my cute gymnasts this sport! Gymnastics will always have my heart and I absolutely love that I get to share my talent in gymnastics coaching all my amazing students!



Hi! My name is Anna, and I grew up in this gym! I did gymnastics for 11 years, retiring because of a knee injury at level 9. Bars is my all time favorite event!

Now, I’m going to school at Utah State studying kinesiology. In my spare time, you’ll find me hanging out with my husband. We love to mountain bike, rock climb, and raft! I also work as a whitewater raft guide during the summers in Jackson Hole.



Hi my name is Joshua, I am the ninja coach. I grew up in Logan for about 12 years, then moved around to many different places, including Ecuador. I graduated early at 17 then did mountain guiding in Colorado. I enjoy competing in OCR races, climbing mountains, trail running,  painting, rock climbing, and pretty much any sport. I am super excited to teach and also learn from the kids I teach.



Hi! my name is Ellie! I will be a freshman at Utah State University! I grew up doing competitive gymnastics for 8 years and was on my varsity cheer squad all through High School! I also like to tumble myself, whenever I can! Outside of the gym I love to hangout with my friends, shop and ski! I loved being in the gym all the time growing up and hope to help my students share the same love for this sport! I’m so excited to coach here!



Hello! My name is Kamby. I’m a freshman at Mountain crest. I spend most of my life here at Air-Bound. I’ve been doing gymnastics for almost 8 years now. My whole gymnastics career has been here at AIR-BOUND! I’m on the competitive team, and love gymnastics with my whole heart! I hope to show your kids the beauty of this sport, and help them improve. I want to inspire your kids to reach for the stars and follow their dreams.



Hi! I’m Laurana, I’m a cheerleader at Ridgeline High school. I’ve been doing gymnastics and cheer since I was small and I’m in love with it! I also love going boating and having fun adventures outside with friends and family!



Hi! My name is Emily and I am from New Mexico. I did gymnastics for 14 years and cheer for 2 years. I am currently attending USU to study conservation and restoration ecology. I’m also a professional photographer, and I love singing, hiking, rock climbing, and buying plants.



Hi! My name is Kinley, I am currently a freshman at mountain crest and I’m so excited to be coaching here at Air-Bound! I’ve been on Air-Bound’s competition cheer team for 3 years and I love it! I love to ride horses and hangout with my friends when i’m not at cheer.



Hi my name is Jadaci! I have been taking classes at Air-Bound since I was 14 months old, and did competitive gymnastics for 6 years. I am currently on the All-Star cheer team. I have loved gymnastics my whole life and also love to help kids become better! My favorite color is pink and my favorite treat is watermelon sour patch kids. Besides loving gymnastics and cheer, I love to play basketball and hangout with friends!



Hi I'm Kaia and I was a gymnast here for most of my life and now I'm currently a cheerleader at Ridgeline High School. I love being in the sun and outside with my friends and family!



Hello! My name is Bethany. I'm a softmore at Green Canyon. I started gymnastics when I was 5 and did it for 10 years! I was on the optionals team and loved it so much! I love this sport so much and can't wait to help your kids grow their passion for it too! I am so excited to teach people this amazing sport and share my love for it!



Hi my name is Sofia! I grew up in Layton Utah and I am currently going to Utah State studying animal science. I grew up doing competitive gymnastics but stopped when I was a sophomore due to injuries. I started coaching gymnastics when I was about 14 and I love helping your kids grow and excel. I absolutely love this sport and the friendships made between teammates and coaches. I love to be out in the water like boating or paddle boarding. I also love chocolate milk and ducks. I am very excited to be part of Air-Bound Gymnastics!



Hey there! I’m Kiley and I am from Colorado but currently attending Utah State, studying Marketing. I love getting to work with kids! I used to coach littles gymnastics and Cheer in high school and am excited to be doing it again. I was on a cheer team all through high school and danced and did gymnastics as a kid. In my free time I love working with flowers, playing the cello, hiking, weightlifting, and spending time with friends and family. I’m excited to be doing what I love again.



Hey! My name is Livia but you can just call me Liv! I am from a small town in Idaho but am currently attending USU studying nursing. I am currently on the Utah State cheer team! I did gymnastics, tumbling and cheer all growing up so i’ve always lived in a gym! I love my friends, family , and anything outdoors! I’m excited to get back to coaching and helping kids learn!!



Hi I’m Keely!! I’m from Arizona and I currently go to USU! I started gymnastics when I was 5, grew up competing and stopped in high school. Outside of work & school, I love to ski, wakesurf, hike and basically anything outside! I am so excited to be back in a gym teaching others the sport I’ve always loved!



I love cheerleading and supporting my team. I believe in continuous growth and being accountable to the way I learn and teach. I love kids and working with him because they keep me young.



Hi! I’m Hanna. I’m from Washington state and a senior at USU. I’m studying elementary education in hopes of becoming a kindergarten teacher. I did gymnastics for more than 10 years and am excited to come back and coach:)



Hi! My name is Gracie Nielsen. I am currently a junior at USU majoring in severe special education and elementary education. I competed in all-star cheerleading for over 10 years and I am so excited to continue my passion for cheer as a coach!



Hi! My name is Brianna. I am from Logan. I was a gymnast when I was young and I was cheerleader when I was a teenager. I also like to play volleyball. I went to USU and got my associates degree! I love being a mom and coaching cheer!

I am married to my wonderful husband and I have a son that is 7 months old. I love spending time with my family! I love the outdoors, playing games, going camping, and going boating. 



Hi my name is Tallia! I am from Pocatello, Idaho but am currently a senior at USU majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Marketing. I did cheer throughout middle and high school and was co captain my junior and senior years. Although I have been out of the gym for a few years I couldn’t be more excited to get back into it and share my love of the sport with others! A few of my hobbies are traveling, reading, and doing anything involving sunshine!



Hi! My name is Alexa! I am a freshman at Utah State University. I grew up tumbling and then was on a cheer team for over a year. Outside of coaching I love to surf, ski, and hangout with friends! I’m so excited to share the love I have for cheer and create a second “home” at the cheer gym.



Hi!  My name is Becky and I am the office manager for Air-Bound Gymnastics. I love orange, adventure, and spending time with my husband and family!



Hello!! My name is Jordan.  I currently go to Mountain Crest and love cross country and track. I’m a big runner and love it! Especially with my golden retriever Legend. I also love anything outdoorsy but particularly backpacking! I love hiking, camping, and hope to climb Everest some day. I work in the main office and love to help! :)



I'm Hannah and I work in the front office. I started tumbling in this very gym! I continued on for about 8 years of competitive tumbling. I also cheered at Mountain Crest High School for 3 years. I love to be with my family & friends, be outside, and go on fun hikes.



Hello y’all! My name is Lily. I am currently attending Ridgeline High School. I love working with people and especially kids, I hope someday to become a teacher! I love hiking, road biking, and traveling with family! I work in the front office but you can also find me on a golf course :)



Hi! I’m Hannah and I work at the front desk. I’m 20 years old and currently in the Practical Nursing program at Bridgerland and I’m loving it! I grew up playing soccer and loving the outdoors. My current favorites are boating, four wheeling, Spartan races and being with friends and family!

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